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A Woman's Journey is Her Legacy

Give this beautiful woman`s journal to the dear women in your life

And be sure to give one to yourself!

Nita Howard has produced a gem of a journal for women! A true work of art, this journal honours the richness and beauty of women's lives. Hard cover and tied with ribbon, it features tabbed sections for the many different facets of our lives and section pockets for holding whatever treasures we wish to store there. Liberally sprinkled with inspirational quotes and elegant photos, this journal inspires us to live our best. This journal is a perfect gift for women who care for themselves.

Honour your own life and the lives of those special women in your world with this gorgeous treasury for life stories.

"Opening Nita's journal for the first time to explore the beauty and treasures of its pages, I grasped the potential of my life in an entirely new and thrilling way. What stories will these pages come to tell of my life adventure? It was an act of empowerment just to write my first words in that gorgeous journal!"

~ Patrice

Get more details and order this journaling book.


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