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Motherhood as a Spiritual Practice:
A Journeybook
By Patti Sinclair

Patrice says,

As a new mother, both the first time and then again 7 years later, I read lots of books about parenting. Every one was a guide, telling me how to do the whole mothering thing correctly. I got good advice, certainly, but more often than not, I put down the books feeling inadequate and alone.                                         

For this reason, I find Patti Sinclair's book a breath of fresh air. Patti honestly shares her experience as a new mother. She tells of her awe and her terror, her delight and her anguish, her elation and exhaustion. It's a very real book and as such, wraps me in a warm embrace that comforts and reassures. I wish I had it as a companion when my babies were young. At least I can give it as gifts to all the new mothers in my world! Order Patti's book here, for only $15 plus shipping.

For a second opinion, here are excerpts from a review by Elizabeth Wall:

"This journeybook traces stages in the author's changing experiences as a new mother through journaling, poetry, prayers, rituals, quotations, visualizations, letters to herself and others, and questions. It all forms a template, albeit a free-flowing one, for the reader to write and reflect on her own experiences of motherhood. Although the reader is invited from time to time to write her own experiences in spaces provided, this book is not so much a collection of exercises or a workshop in book form as it is a collection of modes of awareness the author has found practical which are shared to inspire the reader to try for herself.

"At the same time it is very much the story of the author's own journey through every possible emotion and state: elation, despair, confusion, anger, awe, confidence, peace, and the touchstone of gratitude (not to mention lack of sleep!) to name just a few. Because she is so honest no matter what is happening, and because it helps in the most practical way to get through the day, the kinds of writings and reflections found in this book give the reader permission to feel and notice every aspect of her experience and to find its - or our own - inherent goodness and clarity even during the dark hours. The tasks of motherhood can make one feel like life is a blur, but by stopping from time to time to smell the roses (or the compost), you reclaim some of those moments and look at them in sharper focus. Because writing brings us back to clarity after the fact, it also develops in us the ability to be clear in the moment. ...

"This is a spiritual practice because taking the time to reflect and delve into the richness of our everyday experience produces growth and nourishes our spirit. Patti Sinclair's book is a generous offering, which contains much humour and grace, and is an inspiration for enriching your own spiritual practice of motherhood."

Motherhood as a Spiritual Practice: A Journeybook - $15.00 (USD) plus shipping

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P.S. Patti has offered a story to brazilian girls: PMS or PMZ?


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