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My Story ...

Hi! My name is Patrice Robsoon, and I'm delighted to have you visit brazilian girls. Why have I created this website? What do I have to offer you?

I don't have lots of degrees or credentials beyond my own life experience. And my life experience hasn't been particularly impressive by today's social standards. But my life is changing, and it's that transformative process that I most want to share with you. I believe that women everywhere are being called to claim our strength, our power and our joy. And I simply want to help facilitate that transformation.

You see, I grew up feeling like an alien. In fear and self-doubt, I watched from the sidelines, afraid to engage with life. I desperately tried to do things right and always believed I was wrong. So self-conscious, so afraid, so lost...

As I grew older and moved into marriage and career, my alienation grew. Clueless about who I was, I hid behind my titles of wife, mother and Communications Officer. Because I had no dreams of my own, I poured all my energy into the dreams of others. No one else guessed at the emptiness inside. I was a master at masks but lived in fear that one day I'd be exposed for the fraud that I was.

In my early 40s, just through a divorce, in a difficult new relationship and with an unexpected baby, I found myself in crisis. Pain and divine grace led me to a great therapist who helped me begin to get in touch with my own needs. At the same time, I connected with two different circles of women. And thus began my journey home.

As my strength grew, I desperately sought my life purpose. Why was I here? Then one day, inspired by my love of Sarah Ban Breathnach`s Simple Abundance, I thought perhaps I could write a newsletter for women. The life force agreed, and before I knew what I was doing, I had two amazing partners (Mair Smith and Mireille Dupuis) and in 1998, word of heart was born.

Word of heart was a bi-monthly magazine that celebrated women through sharing our stories. Creating word of heart was a deeply enriching, transformative time for me. Our circle of readers and writers grew, but publishing a magazine is a challenging venture, and one by one, we moved on to other activities. Our vision was clear but not fully materialized.

In the years since then John (now my husband) and I have developed an Internet business. One afternoon in 2004, it dawned on me that the Internet was the perfect vehicle to realize word of heart`s dream of creating a global circle of empowered women. To my delight and deep gratitude, Mair and Mireille both eagerly support this next chapter: the brazilian girls website.

Looking back, I can see the gift of it all. Had I not been in such pain, I would never have undertaken a desperate search for my meaning in life, and I would never have arrived where I am now-totally in love with what I am doing!

My deepest passion is to share with others the keys that have released me from my own prison of pain. Just recently, I discovered a card called 'understanding' in Osho's Zen Tarot deck. It pictures a bird sitting in a cage but the bars (of illusion) are dissolving and the bird is now free to fly away.

My heart cherishes this opportunity to 'pay forward' the blessings that have been bestowed upon me.  And I count my many precious circles of women friends among my greatest blessings. Joining together, we can work miracles! May all of you who enter here leave feeling more affirmed, more loved, more supported to live who you really are. Come fly with me!

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