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Finding Gold in the Shadow

A glimpse at the power, beauty and meaning of our shadow side.

And you thought I was so bad, so negative, so scary.... But you're starting to see that I have been your ally all along. The guardian of the treasures you have hidden along the way. A little girl who, a long time ago, knew how to be happy. I have kept her warm and safe until you were ready to take her back home.

A little girl with a deep loving nature, who longed to spread love around but who didn't know where to plant the seeds; everyone was so busy surviving.

A little girl, an artist, who thought she had better hide because she wasn't meeting her parents' expectations; who didn't know she'd better follow her dreams.

I am the keeper of the courage you found to look into yourself and to find shadow in the light and light in the shadow.

The keeper of your gifts, the keeper of your integrity.

I am the angry voice who cannot stand to see you compromising yourself and desperately trying to please others; forgetting your dreams, your visions.

I am the one longing for balance, for the whole to be considered. I am the other side of things, the other half. Without me, you can only hope to be half of who you are. Within me, you can reconcile opposites and conceive of a wiser, better-fitting solution that brings unity rather than opposition.

I am the keeper of your truth.

I am the no-nonsense voice in you, the one that you can't fool. The voice who lets you know you're not being real.

The voice that needs to say she was bored or hurt or angry when you acted out of a sense of duty, and not out of authenticity.

I am the keeper of your honesty.

I am the one bored to death, screaming you can do better than that when you stay in your empty, meaningless, well-paying job.

I am the one who will do this unacceptable thing that will get you fired from the empty job so you can start addressing more pressing matters, matters of truth, and matters of the heart.

I am the keeper of the secrets you keep from yourself, the ones you don't dare look at for fear that they might hurt too much; for fear that they might not sound socially acceptable; for fear that you might see beyond a shadow of a doubt that you need to make changes. I am the keeper of your strength; the strength that you found to trade your victim eyes for clarity and vision.

I was the keeper of your self-confidence while you were so busy doubting yourself. The keeper of your self-worth when you were saying you weren't worth it, you didn't deserve it.

I am the voice screaming of injustice when you're not living up to your potential, when you don't take care of yourself and you envy someone else who does; when you waste your time and find yourself wanting to be somebody else instead of creating your own ideal reality.

And I am the one hurting when I see you sabotaging your chances of success.

And I am the bitter one when I hear you belittling yourself.

And I am the angry one when I see you not honouring yourself.

I am the voice you hear when you have compromised yourself.

I am your potential.

I am your shadow.

~ Mireille Dupuis

Journaling is a powerful tool for understanding more about ourselves. To glimpse Mireille's experience with journaling, read From Writing Practice to Authenticity and Getting Started with Journal Writing.

For support in starting or enriching your own journaling practice, download your own copy of the e-book: Go Deeper... Reach higher... Journaling for Self Empowerment. Click here for more details on journal writing and journaling tools.

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