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Empowerment Tools for Women

Self discovery through journaling

Journaling is perhaps the most powerful personal development tool. With journaling, we capture on paper the thoughts in our minds, the passions and longings of our heart, the shadowy mysteries of our subconscious and the wisdom of our authentic selves. When we reflect on the words we ourselves have written, we bring to light new dimensions of who we are. And as we understand ourselves more clearly, our life changes.

If you've never tried journaling, we invite you to try this enlightening self help tool. If you're already an avid journaling fan, we invite you to go to deeper levels of understanding and expression. Check out the resources below:

A complete journaling reference e-book:

Eager to try journaling for the first time?
Ready to take your journaling practice to deeper levels?
Explore the power of journaling with intention with this complete journaling reference e-book:
Go deeper ... Reach higher ... Journaling for Self Empowerment. It clearly explains how to journal and why journaling works. It also offers 40 different journaling tools to support you in your ongoing adventure in self discovery!

Click here to buy now for $17 - immediate download of the journaling e-book with 40 tools.

LifeJournal Software - the best in computer journaling.

I love this software! Sometimes I prefer the speed of computer journaling, and LifeJournal offers lots of features I value. Click here for more details on the Life Journal.

The ultimate in a woman's journal book!

Nita Howard has produced the most beautiful journal I've ever seen -- A Woman's Journey is her Legacy. It's a fabulous gift idea - for yourself and other women you love. Click here to learn more



Motherhood as a Spiritual Practice: A Journeybook

In this rare treat of a book, Patti Sinclair shares her personal journey as she experiences motherhood for the first time. This is Patti's journal, and she offers support for the reader to explore her own journey. It's available as a real book. Click here for more details.

Interested in a business of helping others? Share the Magic of Journaling!

If you are passionate about journaling, how would you like to earn an income as you support others in personal growth? Click here for information on having your own business as a facilitator trainer.


Curious to glimpse someone else's experience with journaling? Read these two articles:

Personal empowerment through women's circles

How do we get to know women-at heart? By being with them! I learn most about myself in the company of women-in everyday moments and especially when we set the intention to explore our deeper natures. If we hope to understand and support the rising of feminine energy on this planet, we need to give ourselves the space, permission and support to allow our authentic womanhood to express itself.

Here are some resources to support building conscious community:

Why participate in a women's circle? - One woman shares the
blessings she received through a Heart Council.

A Free Quick Guide to Holding a Women's Circle - a free short guide
 offering the basics for creating an empowerment circle.

Not sure where to start?

Try browsing through the women's stories or write your own! If you want your story to be heard, email Patrice Robsoon at brazilian girls and send the story as an attachment.


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