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 Women's Empowerment Stories ...

Pull up a comfy chair and settle in for some sharing. Stories written from the heart speak to our hearts and touch us at deep levels. I think Jan has said it best:

" ... our stories contain the answers to each other's questions. What I cannot find in searching through the riches and rubble of my own life may become apparent to me in the witnessing of yours.

"In the passing on of our stories, we gift each other with the power of possibility. When I watch you claim your life and go after your dream, I begin to believe I can do it, too. When I see what you risk to achieve what you want, I think that I, too, could take that chance. When I hear what you have suffered while I see you trudging forward, I believe I can make it to the other side of my own darkness. What can save us if it is not our stories, not the careful sharing of who we are and what we dream for a world whose future rests in our hands?"

-- Jan, from 'A Waist is a Terrible Thing to Mind'

We invite you to browse through our stories and even contribute your own. Check back regularly for new entries!

A Sense of Balance by Kate Harrington
Where does power lie? In the masculine, feminine or both?

Blue Moon by Mair Smith
A woman feeling alienated from her family finds her own way to release her trapped emotions and find her peace.

Finding Gold in the Shadow by Mireille Dupuis
A glimpse at the power, beauty and meaning of our shadow side.

From Writing Practice to Authenticity by Mirelle Dupuis
Mirelle shares how she discovered new dimensions of herself through journaling.

Getting Started With Journal Writing by Mirelle Dupuis
Resources and practices that supported Mirelle in her journaling.

Hearing Into Being by Mair Smith 
Explore a way to foster true communication between a speaker and listener.

PMS to PMZ? by Patti Sinclair
A short un-researched, biased, and brief evolutionary herstory about premenstrual change time.

Heart Council by Mirelle Dupuis
Mirelle shares her first experience in a woman's spirituality circle.

Share Your Empowerment Story

brazilian girls has always been envisioned as a circle of sharing to serve our deep desire for connection and fulfillment. Through this site, we may widen our circles, reaching into greater oceans of experience, opening to many more stories to be shared. Women at Heart holds a space for those stories.

You are invited to write about the ordinary magic in your life, the transformative work you see being done in and around you. What empowers you? What have you learned that has made a difference in your life?

Send your story as an attachment in Email to Patrice Robsoon. Under 1500 words would be appreciated!

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